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Careline personal alarm and pendant

The Careline unit is very versatile, providing 24/7 support and reassurance to many people in their own homes.

Product information

product information
Price:£16.40 per month
Mains power:30 hours of stand-by operation, 15 hours with one 30 minute alarm call (minimum expected at date of purchase and when fully charged). 
Dimensions:189 x 188 x 49mm (WxLxD) for unit.  Pendant may vary depending on what option is chosen.

The Careline unit is easily installed in just a few minutes, requiring only a telephone line and a mains electricity outlet.

The Careline unit can easily be used to raise an alarm call from your house or garden* by pressing:

  •  The large red button on the base unit, or
  •  The pendant which can be worn around the neck, wrist or attached to an 
     item of clothing, or
  •  Automatically by any of the radio sensors which may be linked to the
     Careline unit.

When a call is received via your Careline alarm unit at the monitoring centre one of our friendly, highly trained operators will answer your call and by accessing our database they will get the appropriate help for you even if you are unable to talk to them.

Sensors which can be linked to the Careline unit include:

  • Fall detector
  • Flood detector
  • Smoke detector
  • Property exit sensor
  • Out of bed alarm

If you or someone you know has difficulty remembering to take their tablets there are some Careline units which can be set up to let you know when it's time to take your medication; others can check to see if you are moving about, or indeed not moving about, perhaps indicating that something is wrong and help is needed.

Whatever the problem Careline is there to help.

* The range will be confirmed at the time of installation

Some products require a home visit before installation.

Chichester Careline is provided by PPP Taking Care Find out more