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Our products and services can help you live with dementia.

In West Sussex alone over 13,200 people have dementia, and over the whole of Sussex the number exceeds 25,000. The number of people with dementia in West Sussex is predicted to rise to around 17,600 by 2021.  Chichester Careline is proud to work in partneship with Mindme, whose GPS locating products can be purchased all across the UK.

Chichester Careline offers many solutions that can help

These range from the Property Exit Sensor to the latest technology Mindme Locate (a small GPS locator that has been specially designed for those with dementia).  Mindme Locate can clip to a belt, hang around the neck, or be placed in a bag. If a person becomes lost, or disorientated, they can be located through a dedicated website by their family or Chichester Careline. The device sends details of its location to the website every four minutes, has a battery life of 18 hours, and is the smallest GPS locating device to be launched in this country.

The devices are monitored by Chichester Careline. They are able to locate the person if they become lost - regardless of where they are in Europe (as long as there is a mobile network).


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