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Independent living

Home - it's where we're most comfortable.

Careline gives you affordable peace of mind and the security you need to live independently in your own home. Also, family members don't always live near each other, so 'sharing the caring' can be difficult. The cost of paying someone to care for you can really add up, even if it's only part time. At Chichester Careline there is no equipment to buy and no long-term contract to sign.

When you press your pendant or Careline unit, you are connected within seconds to a highly trained Careline operator who accesses your personal health profile, assesses your situation and arranges for the appropriate assistance. This can include notifying friends or family if necessary. The operator will also follow up to make sure help arrives. Our experienced and caring operators have only one mission: to get you the best care possible, fast.

Careline is not just for emergencies

  • Answer your phone remotely - no need to rush for the handset and risk a fall.
  • Receive timely reminders for medications and appointments to help you stay on schedule.
  • Optional 12 or 24 hour automatic check-ins from our Careline centre to make sure that you are safe.

Who Needs Careline?

Careline is for you if you can answer "yes" to any of the following:

  • you are home alone on a frequent basis; 
  • you are at risk of falls;
  • you use adaptive devices to assist you with walking; or
  • you are managing a medical condition.


Chichester Careline is provided by PPP Taking Care Find out more