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Please see below the full range of products that Chichester Careline provides to support independent living.

Note: Most products require a home visit before installation and the prices shown are in addition to the Careline unit and pendant. This does exclude the Dementia Unit - Mindme Locate and the Lone worker unit - Mindme GPS Alarm which can be purchased separately from the Careline unit and pendant.

  • Careline PPP unit and pendant

    Careline personal alarm and pendant

    The Careline unit is very versatile, providing 24/7 support and reassurance to many people in their own homes.

  • Bed occupancy PP sensor

    Bed occupancy sensor

    A bed occupancy sensor provides an early warning alert that you have left your bed or chair and have not returned within a preset time period.

  • Bogus caller button PPP

    Bogus caller button

    Bogus caller buttons are also called 'panic buttons'.

  • Carbon Monoxide PPP detector

    Carbon monoxide detector

    The CO2 detector detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and raises an alarm call to Chichester Careline if detected.

  • Chair monitor

    Chair occupancy sensor

    A chair occupancy sensor provides an early warning alert that you have left your chair and have not returned within a preset time period. The sensor can also be programmed to switch on lights.

  • MindMe locator

    Dementia unit - Mindme Locate

    Mindme Locate has been designed to find people who wander because they have dementia or learning difficulties.

  • Pendant image

    Fall detector

    Around 8,000 older people fall every day in the UK.

  • Key safe product PPP

    Key safe

    Having a key safe provides convenient, managed access to stored keys (max. 5), especially in the case of an emergency.

  • Photo of mindme alarm

    Lone worker unit - Mindme GPS Alarm

    Mindme Alarm is a small personal alarm backed by Chichester Careline Response Centre and is suitable for anyone who spends time alone - at home, at work or out and about.

  • Natural gas detector

    Natural gas detector

    Gas leaks can result from mistakes such as forgetting to light a gas ring or gas fire and natural causes like a pilot light blowing out.

  • Careline inactivity monitor product image

    Passive infra red detector

    A passive infra red (PIR) wireless movement detector can be used for both activity and inactivity monitoring, including being used as an intruder alarm system.

  • Careline pill dispenser product image

    Pill dispenser

    The medication dispenser is an easy to use pill dispenser.

  • Photo of Property Exit Sensor

    Property exit sensor

    A property exit sensor is particularly useful for people with dementia, who are often prone to walking about.

  • Smoke detector

    Smoke detector

    Fire poses one of the most serious risks to people at home and its effects can be devastating.

  • Careline temperature extreme product image

    Temperature extreme sensor

    Careline sensors can play a vital role in protecting vulnerable people from the adverse effects of heat or cold.

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